First and foremost CONGRATULATIONS!
Life is truly too short and our memory is not infinite, neither is our IPhone memory...  
If you are looking for a dedicated team that will capture your most intimate moments honestly and will a passion for creating then the AG team is made for YOU. Our focus on you and our experience in story telling will ensure we cover every moment authentically. 
As a commercial studio we add a little editorial flair to all of our work while preserving its authenticity. We hope to hear from you but here are a few FAQ we hope helps a bit:
1. Do you offer Photo and Video? 
We offer both photo and video and provide a social media teaser for all our clients (weddings, engagement, etc)
2. Do you charge a change fee for changing venues? 
No, unless there is a change in State or a substantial travel time change. 
3. Do I have to pay you the full contract if our event is canceled? 
No, and I will allow you to apply the deposit to future services.
Watch more of our Celebration Films here.

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